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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  March 23, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. and good afternoon,
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everyone. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. from a child star to one of hollywood's screen legends and just as famous for her love life. >> and this afternoon we remember actress elizabeth taylor. the three-time oscar winner died of congestive heart failure today at cedars-sinai medical center in los angeles. her four children were at her side. >> taylor was 79 years old, a star at age 12, a bride and divorce a at 18, a screen goddess at 19, and a widow at 26. bill whitaker with a look back at taylor's life and legacy. >> reporter: in a star-struck age, she was the ultimate celebrity. and the ultimate survivor. >> i had addictions. i have had weight problems. i almost died a couple of times. i have been pronounced dead. i've read my own obituary. they were the best reviews i have ever had. >> reporter: they say that
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movie acting is all in the eyes. hers were violet in color. they suggested both passion and heartbreak. they made women green with envy. they made men absolutely crazy. she first went before the camera at age 10. she was born in london of well- to-do american parents, brought to hollywood just before world war ii. she grew up at mgm. >> poor lassie... >> reporter: 11 years old in "lassie come home," 12 in "national velvet. >> ." >> you think a race like this is won by luck? >> no. i by knowing that i can win and telling him so. >> reporter: at 18, she married on screen in father of the bride. and off screen, too. hotel heir nicky hilton was husband number one. >> my bride, myself are going to have a wonderful time in europe. >> reporter: it lasted eight
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months. actor michael wilding number 2, four years. producer mike todd, killed in a plane crash after 14 months of marriage. singer eddie fisher was number 4. she was trashed by the tabloids for stealing him from debbie reynolds >> you know what i feel like? i feel all the time like a cat on a hot tin roof. >> reporter: from maggie the cat to cleopatra, her seductive screen rolls blurred into her private life. there was an oscar for "butterfield 8." >> i was the slut of all time. >> reporter: a second oscar for playing martha, the boozy shrew in "who's afraid of virginia wolf" opposite husband number 5, richard burton. >> but i am not a monster. i'm not! >> reporter: their motto seemed to be, excess in all things, typified by the huge diamonds he gave her. they made a string of over-the- top movies together, drank too much, caroused too much,
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fought, divorced, remarried and fought some more. there were two more marriages, senator john warner for six years, four years with construction worker larry fortensky. the passions of her later years included her work for aids research and a series of perfumes sold in her name. if the failed marriages or health problems ever overwhelmed this child of hollywood, she didn't let on. friends said she never complained about the past and she always hoped to fall in love just one more time. bill whitaker, cbs news, hollywood. >> and fans are already paying tribute to taylor at her star on the hollywood walk of fame. today the hollywood chamber of commerce also taylor with a pink wreath. she was one of the first stars on the walk when it began back
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in 1960. all right, folks. it has been a rocking morning around the bay area, rainfall showing up and more is on the way. we have scattered showers out there right now. the main cold front moving through early on today. behind that, we have some of these cells that continue to move on by. taking new for a closer look, concord area you're getting hit hard by this system moving through. some of these could have some embedded thunderstorms so watch out for that today. brief heavy downpours scattered about the bay area. san jose also looking at more showers there some moderate amounts just moving to the east and up in the mountains as well, a little bit further over the bay you were look at more widely scattered showers but look at that train of moisture in through oakland. you're seeing those scattered showers and moderates amounts of rainfall so it's going to be on and off throughout the day today. more scattered showers continuing into the north bay. but we have a bigger storm coming. going to have to watch out for this one. this could cause some flooding. more on that coming up in a few minutes, guys, back to you. >> thank you. for complete storm coverage and interactive hi-def doppler for your neighborhood, you can log
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on to our website, click on the weather tab. on day 3 of the perjury trial of barry bonds, bombshell testimony from a star government witness. elizabeth wenger tells us what he had to say on the stand and she joins us now live from san francisco. elizabeth. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon, frank. yeah, the most interesting revelation of the morning actually came from barry bonds' former childhood friend. now, told the jury that he knew way back in 1999 that bonds was using steroids. bonds again walked quietly into the courthouse this morning without talking to the media. now, inside the courtroom, bonds watched stoically as his former friend and business manager steve hoskins took the witness stand. he told the jury as far back as 1999 bonds asked him to research one type of steroid and what the side effects were. hoskins also said he saw a couple of times bonds and his personal trainer greg anderson go off into a bedroom during spring training and in one instance the trainer was
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actually holding a syringe. he also said he had conversations with bonds about the baseball player injecting himself when he was upset that anderson wouldn't do it. well, hoskins also testified that bonds' significant weight gain was so concerning at one point that he secretly recorded a conversation with the train ber steroids so he could convince bonds' father that he was using them. [ loud wind ] >> sorry guys, it's really windy. the judge is still deciding whether that recording is admissible in court. now, right now the jury is actually headed back to the courtroom after -- we have a truck here, as well, all right -- move out of the way so we can get this truck inside now. all right. right now the jury is about to head back into the courtroom after their lunch break. right before they actually broke, the defense was questioning hoskins and he said that he kind of implied, hinted, that part of the recording may have been missing. so i'm sure this afternoon when they head back into the courtroom that we'll hear a lot
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more about that. so most interesting day in court so far. frank, back to you. before i get blown away. >> i know. we get barry bonds and a weather report all put together. good stuff. >> reporter: yeah, pretty intense, yes. >> elizabeth wenger live in san francisco, thank you. there is a manhunt in oakland right now for the gunman who killed two men and a dog. this all happened at a home on harmon avenue near 62nd about 8 p.m. last night. police say the two men were standing on a porch when someone started firing. a second dog that was shot survived. witnesses say they saw two men running from the scene. and security is tighter at berkeley high school this afternoon after three students were arrested for bringing guns to campus. and as anne makovec tells us, it's not the first time students have come to school armed. >> some people just want to be known and bring a gun and be cool. >> reporter: three berkeley high students are facing felony charges for bringing guns to school. two of them were in this portable bathroom when a gun
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went off yesterday shooting through the wall. >> i just heard one pop. >> reporter: the school went on lockdown and the students were identified soon after. they will be expelled for a year. a third student was also arrested after another student told school officials he also had a gun. >> both instances are very concerning. i mean, the potential, particularly with the first incident with the round going off, uhm, you know, could have struck an employee or a student nearby. >> reporter: do you think that there are a lot of people bringing gowns campus? >> i think out of the whole 100%, 5%. >> reporter: 5% are bringing guns to campus you think? >> no, like 3%. >> it's important to note here that at berkeley high school the majority of cases have been dealt with through tips from somebody in the community. people that are aware are concerned. >> reporter: the school district hopes to open lines of communication. some people are calling for metal detectors. >> you never know who has a gun up here. you never know what anybody has
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in their backpack or anything like. >> metal detectors in berkeley would be a much, much larger discussion and part of that discussion would be the research on what effectiveness they have had where they are being used. >> reporter: this was the scene where at least one shot was fired yesterday. you can see on that second panel in where the paint changes color, the school has already covered that bullet hole up. but with five incidents of guns on campus in berkeley in the past two months, the concern is still very much apparent. >> everybody could just come up here and bring a gun or do anything and it's happened a lot of times so it makes me think about not going to the school no more. >> reporter: in berkeley, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> scary situation. >> i guess so, yeah. that is scary. you heard that gal say maybe not even go to school. we got some new problems, though, in japan this afternoon. the warning about radioactive water, who is most at risk at getting sick plus a troubling new setback at the country's crippled nuclear plant. >> all i wanted to do was make sure i could see him the first
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despite the attacks, libyan leader moammar qaddafi vows not to give up. in h coalition warplanes bombed targets inside libya overnight. still, libyan leader moammar qaddafi vows not to give up. in his first appearance since at assault began, qaddafi called his enemies, crazed fascists who will go down in the dust bin of history. end quote. forces loyal to qaddafi are bolstering up their assault on the ground trying to retake the last major city in western liby
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that's still in rebel hands. leaders are closer to an agreement that would put nato in charge of running that no- fly zone. the alliance has sent warships to the waters off the libyan coast joining u.s. vessels on patrol there. >> new troubles in japan. one concern is with the tap water now. and another with the crippled nuclear power plant. black smoke is rising out of one of the reactors prompting crews to evacuate once again. work is suspended at the plant until morning. this problem comes after workers got a major step closer though to ending the crisis. they restored electricity to the nuclear plant. but they have to check now all the equipment before turning on the cooling system. meanwhile, authorities are telling people in tokyo not to give tap water to babies because of radiation in it. infants are particularly vulnerable to radioactive iodine which can cause thyroid cancer. the levels found in the water are not high enough though to harm adults. the government reports the economic cost now of that
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earthquake and tsunami could reach $309 billion. the death toll now more than 9500 with 16,000 people still missing. some new hope for people diagnosed with the deadliest form of brain cancer. most patients only live for about a year after the diagnosis. but as sandra hughes reports, an experimental vaccine may offer a lifeline. >> reporter: brad silver and his wife are anticipating the birth of their second child, but he received a devastating diagnosis, brain cancer in its deadliest form. >> all i wanted to do was make sure i could see him the first day he was born. and that was my main focus. >> reporter: many patients with glioblastoma only live about a year after diagnosis. the silvers quickly sought out whatever new research was available and found dr. linda lial at the johnson cancer center at the university of california. she was testing an experimental vaccine that uses a patient's
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own cancer proteins to teach the body to fight the disease. results of her studies show patients with the most severe cases live twice normal 15 minutes after having surgery and chemotherapy. >> about 90% survived over one year, 75% survived over two years and about 6% survived over three years. >> reporter: brad silver lived to hold his newborn son and watch him grow up. it's been 8 years since that diagnosis. they now level in cleveland. >> i think cancer is part -- they now live in cleveland. >> i think cancer is part of my life, didn't take over might have life. it gives me the impetus to strive as a person, husband, father. >> reporter: sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. i heard scratches at the door and i was like, uhm, what is that? >> an incredible tale of
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survival. how this little dog made it 27 days trapped in a burned-out house with almost nothing to eat or drink. we are still seeing heavy downpours showing up around the bay area, sneaking a little sunshine in between. but there is a bigger storm to come. we'll talk about that next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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for a yummy sweet taste that's just right. and the 100% natural whole grain oats treat your heart sweet. because they can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. ♪ you're sweet to me bee happy. bee healthy. residents can drive up the road homes in the sa it will be a couple of
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weeks or longer before residents can drive home in the santa cruz mountains. all this wet weather making it worse. public works crews have been out there assessing the damage and clean-up. one big question is whether or not to try to clear that slide now or wait for it to stabilize. more than 30 homes are isolated but neighbors are resourceful and have cut a path around the slide to get their cars through. lawrence, more rain could mean more mud slides? >> they may want to wait for another day or so before starting to clean that up. we have a lot more rain coming up. that rain turning into snow. watch it heading into the sierra nevada. they are expecting some more heavy snow today and it looks like for tomorrow stronger storms several feet of snow over the next few days.
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in san jose, just showers. heavier rain making its way to the mountains and further to the north through redwood city and hayward, you have some stronger cells. the strongest still appears to be this line making its way into fairfield and concord and vacaville, as well. so with that in mind, we have more scattered showers around the bay area this afternoon and the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms. so that's how we are going to play it keeping temperatures down a bit. plan on 50s and gusty winds and looks like tonight showers likely to continue not much of a break between storm systems and then here comes the next one. this is the one pouring through the bay area for today. and that you see moisture off the coastline behind it. that will continue to sweep onshore to keep things going. windy conditions around the bay area today. the stronger storm system moving in for tomorrow could bring some very impressive rain totals. computer models as we take you into the afternoon, more scattered showers, up pulses rolling in off the pacific keeping things going and keeping them wet and catching a brief break but not much. here comes the next storm hot on its heels and that's going to bring with it heavy rainfall toward tomorrow morning. get this folks, maybe as much
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as 3" of rain in the north bay, possibly 3" of rain in the south bay, as well you get the idea. we have a big soaker on top of already saturated ground likely flash flood watches up again tomorrow morning. heading to the high country, you have the storm warnings up there. we are expecting more snow here in the bay area. planning on 50s outside for highs and look out over the next few days, it is very wet. and we have to watch out for flooding as we head through the day tomorrow. we are going to see a lot of rain in a short amount of time and we haven't had much of a break. more showers continuing into friday, a weaker storm on saturday. here's the good news. as we look towards sunday, monday, tuesday and probably well into next week, finally going to catch a break. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> was that the sun? thank you. >> this dog's name should be changed to lucky. a fire destroyed her owner's
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home. there was no sign of lola the dog so she was presumed dead but just recently her owner went back to check in after an alarm went off at the boston home. lo and behold, she found the two-year-old mini dachshund starving, cold and ready for a big hull hug so lola survived 27 days trapped in the house. >> i just heard scratching at the door and i called out my dog's name and she started crying and i couldn't believe she was in the house for almost a month. crazy! >> her owner says she wasn't hurt in the fire and likely survived on toilet water and scraps. she is now getting nursed back to health at the animal hospital and will be returned to her mom. >> lucky little dog. we'll be right back. , stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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